“We care for the people you love.”

Phillips-Strickland House and Boyd Place have a rich history of caring for our seniors. Dating back to the early days of PSH with Lysander Strickland and Mary Phillips, who had a vision to build this home. The homes for aged men and aged women became one unit in 1977 for assisted living seniors, known now as Phillips-Strickland House.

In 2000 came the addition of 33 independent apartments now known as Boyd Place. We continue to carry on many traditions from the early days and developing new traditions as the years go by. One thing that holds very dear to our hearts is our commitment to care for your loved ones.

Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for seeing that my mother got to play bingo and whatever else she was able to do. I remember how much she enjoyed making cookies when some of the residents joined in that day. Thank you so much for caring.


Thank you so much for the sweet flower arrangement in memory of my mother.


Dear Linda Nickerson and the entire staff at P.S. House,

A long overdue thank you for the loving care you provided our mother, Vivian Murray, for the ten years she lived with you. She loved the home at Phillips Strickland, as well as all of you.

We are enormously grateful and sing your praises to everyone!! =)

She misses you all, but she realizes she needs to move on to a higher level of care.

Most sincerely,

Kathy Gilpatrick and Patsy Murray

Our Mom, Thelma Merritt, moved into Phillips a little over 10 years ago. It is tough to move from your home to a room but Mom knew it was the right thing for her. We were a bit concerned about how she would adjust but she set out to make it her home. In no time she had copies of the daily crossword puzzle copied for all those interested, started doing jigsaw puzzles on a table in the neighborhood and found there were ways she could assist other residents in their adjustment or by being a good friend and neighbor.

As her family, we learned we did not have to worry about something happening as we had when she was alone in her home. Instead, any medical needs were quickly met but as important as that, the residents are treated as family and with respect for the amazing individuals they each are.

Mom was there to celebrate her 100th birthday with her Phillips Strickland family, and celebrate they did! Not long after that, Mom passed. It was clear that her passing was felt by her neighbors and so many of the staff. The compassion and caring shown to the residents was extended to us as her family. We will be forever grateful to the staff of Phillips Strickland.

The family of Thelma Merritt